Friday, July 16, 2010

The 12 Days of Christmas in July!

Here in Chicago, it has been oppressively hot these past few weeks. We Midwesterners are not used to running around the city while trying to breathe air that feels more like wet towels! (All of you people who live in states where humidity and heat is the norm can go ahead and point and laugh at us now. Go on, I'll wait!)

The snow and subzero temps will be back here soon enough, but in the meantime, we all can get a little taste of winter in the Etsywide Christmas in July sale. The sitewide promotion officially kicked off yesterday and runs through July 25, but many sellers, myself included, are running it throughout the entire month.

My shop Do Bats Eat Cats is offering 20% off all non-custom-order jewelry -- prices have already been adjusted so no need to wait for a revised invoice.

"Coraline"-inspired earrings with silver Other Mother's hand charms and Swarovski crystals

Wiggle weave chainmaille earrings with big purple sparkly crystals

Also, all my destash supplies are buy one get one free (lesser valued item is free; refund given via Paypal).

Deep teal blue glass pearl beads

Many Etsy sellers wil be joining in on this promotion and are offering everything from free shipping to buy one get one free deals. I'll be featuring one seller every day (or so) for as long as the sale lasts.

Today's featured seller is DeborahJulian, a New Yorker who creates awesome notecards, prints and fine art photographs, many of which star her cats and the city she lives in. Her black cat Billy was born in July and, according to her, is definitely a proud, showy Leo! In honor of his birthday this month, all her artwork showing this black kitty with lots of personality is 20% off. Here are a few of my favorites from her shop:

City Cats notecards

"Can I jump that high?" signed matted print

A Lazy Afternoon notecards

Check back again for more featured artists who are taking part in this Etsywide sale. Nothing like thoughts of Christmas, snow, and sleigh bells to beat this heat!


  1. Good luck with your CIJ sales, DoBats and Deborah!

    And yes, being in Texas, I always feel like I am breathing through wet towels haha. I don't want to go outside because the mosquitoes like to hang out at my door :)


  2. Mosquitoes? Wet towels? I don't think I've EVER been so grateful to live in San Francisco! ;D

    LOVE those Coraline earrings! You had me at "Other Mother"! Neil Gaiman is a genius.

    For some reason, I had no idea Deborah Julian's cat, Billy, was a Leo! How cute... a real Leo lion! :) Off to find out more!

    Looking forward to seeing even more featured talent. And as always, what a great post!

    <3 - Steph @ nerd JERK

  3. My two girl kitties think Billy is hot and they want his pawtograph! I grew up in Florida's humidity and you never get used to it!

  4. Thanks so much for featuring my work Do Bats! Steph, I'm not going to tell Billy what your kitties think. He has a high opinion of himself already!