Tuesday, April 19, 2011

When crafts attack....

So I posted the other day about the Attack of the Craft iPad giveaway, but neglected to mention just what Attack of the Craft is and why it is awesome!

It will surprise no one when I say that my work doesn't exactly fit into the mainstream of "normal" crafting, whatever that means. So of course the "normal" craft forums on Etsy and elsewhere also aren't a good fit for me! I would always get a little nervous posting in the Etsy forums because my skulls and bats would sometimes freak people out, but I certainly wasn't going to change my avatar just to avoid frightening away other posters!

Not the case with these folks, who bill themselves as the "crafting misfits." I feel like my gothy goodness fits right in. In addition to crafty and promo talk, you might find discussions of vegan recipes, music, books, or how to dye your hair in Crayola brights. I'm not as active on the forum as I'd like to be, but I am working on it!

They also have their own handmade shop filled with team members' work. And, Etsy sellers: they have super-reasonable ad rates! I've run a rotating banner ad a couple of times on their site and it got me a lot of traffic (and some sales too. :) )

Check them out!


  1. Awesome post! AOTC is such a fun and unique place for sure, like no other crafting forum everrr!

  2. I definitely feel you. AOTC was the first place I felt "normal" just being myself! Great post.